Success Stories

Dr. Fong’s patients share their stories.  Read about their experiences under Dr. Fong’s care.


For more than a decade, I couldn’t bite into an apple without excruciating pain. I’ve suffered severe neck, jaw and shoulder pain for over a decade. Often, this pain turned into a debilitating migraine.

I’ve attempted many mainstream and alternative approaches to healing my jaw, and nothing worked until I started seeing Dr. Kristie.

Now I feel “righted.” This means GREAT!

Dr. Krisite is amazing. The chronic pain I have lived with for thirteen years is almost entirely gone. My face is more symmetrical. I rarely suffer migraines. I can bite into an apple. Life is good.

I am a Pilates and Yoga instructor. I refer all of my clients to Dr. Kristie. The clients that we share have all reported similar improvements in their heath and well-being due to their treatments with Dr. Kristie.


Many years ago I got whiplash in a car accident. Over time, in combination with working long hours at a desk job, I began suffering chronic neck and shoulder pain episodes on a monthly basis. I would be sore and uncomfortable and have very little mobility in those areas, often for extended periods. Exercise helped me keep the episodes at bay, but despite my best efforts they would still eventually return.

Now after seeing Dr. Kristie now for a year and a half, I’ve never experienced a full episode again, and if I do get sore, the pain is remarkably diminished. When long hours at my desk work their way into my neck and shoulders, Dr. Kristie gets me back to feeling like myself- immediately.

I’m really grateful to have discovered Dr. Kristie. I’ve improved my posture, my flexibility and motion, my mental health and even gained a friend. What more can you ask for?


"I saw a chiropractor years ago for a neck/spine problem with very good results, but it was never like the careful and complete approach that Kristie used during the several months I saw her. After two or three sessions I became much more aware of my long-term posture problems, and she helped provide the tools I needed to maintain and continually improve while standing, walking, sitting, and driving my car.

"I began to notice how easily I could assume the extreme forward-leaning position on my bicycle. This was one of the positive changes I could really appreciate! I found I could stand much longer without discomfort. I could see the difference in my walking posture when glancing at myself in a window reflection, and there seemed to be more energy toward the end of the day as a result."


"I used to have sharp pain above my ankle whenever I ran. I have a history of sprained ankles, and at one point even fractured my tibia.  Kristie worked on me, and since then I have not had any pain with running. Not only did she help with my ankle issues, but she also helped me with my headaches. Several years ago I had three plates placed into my face to reconstruct my left cheek after a softball injury. After the trauma of the accident and the invasiveness of the surgery, the musculature in that area and around my temple was extremely tight. I was adjusted by her a couple of times, and the work Dr. Kristie did has decreased the frequency and intensity of my headaches. She was great at explaining what she was doing and why it would help, which I appreciated and was very impressed with."


"I had been undergoing chiropractic care for the past several years for more than one significant injury with varied degrees of success. I had pain that affected my mobility, my ability to concentrate, and my ability to manage stress.
"I felt as though my healing process had "stalled" and that I wasn't "getting better" but simply maintaining a level of wellness at which I still experienced chronic pain and the fatigue-both mental and physical-that was a result of the pain.

"When I started getting care from Dr. Fong, I was not prepared, for the subtlety of her technique or the dramatic changes I have experienced. I have experienced radically positive changes in my posture and a reduction in the fatigue inducing pain that accompanied my everyday activities. THANK YOU."


"Kristie is incredible. Before I met her I had no idea chiropractic care could address posture problems. At the time I sat at a desk for many hours a day and had neck pain, posture issues, and mild scoliosis. After Kristie worked with me, my posture improved dramatically. My daughter said I looked younger. My body felt centered over my feet when I stood still. It’s a feeling I remember from childhood but haven’t experienced for a long time.

"The pain in my neck, which had been a major issue for me, lessened until it is all but gone. Kristie's gentle, precise adjustments brought results I would never have expected. She worked with my husband too and he looked younger and downright sexier after being in her care."


I have been seeing chiropractors for many years and they have always helped me to maintain my health and a positive attitude towards life.  In the last year, I had been experiencing cramping in my legs, especially at night.  Of the two chiropractors whom I regularly visited, both continued to treat me in the same way they had always treated me and the cramping did not improve.

These leg cramps became so severe that I actually dreaded laying down to go to sleep. Not only were the cramps interrupting my sleep, the anticipation of the cramps affected my attitude as well.

Dr. Fong is an incredible chiropractor.  Under her regular care, the cramps have disappeared.  I am sleeping very well and I no longer dread lying down in my bed.  Whenever the cramps begin again, I simply go down and visit Dr. Fong.  Kristie has also helped me in other ways as well, working on my general health and posture and encouraging me to exercise in the correct way.  I hope that Dr. Fong will stay in Atlanta for many years to come, because I don’t think I could find her equal!


"Dr. Kristie is an amazing healer. I sought her care to relieve my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Her gentle manner and healing touch put me at ease, which allowed her to better work with my body. She is very professional, and it was evident that she really cares about my well-being.

"She helped me to be free of the pain and discomfort in my body, and also taught me ways I can help myself. Her chiropractic adjustments provided relief for my symptoms, but more importantly, her counseling helped me figure out where the problem originated so I could take the necessary steps to change the situation. I have gained an awareness of my body that I did not have before and feel I have more control over my posture."


"I began to see Dr. Kristie after a car accident. I had diminished mobility in one shoulder and low back pain. My life as a competitive gymnast and professional circus performer left me with some "war wounds". Add in a few fender benders and a taste for the night life and, at 43 years old, I ended up with a body that had been pushed to its limits. Dr. Kristie did more than treat my immediate problems. She assessed and treated the condition of my whole body; she understood the cumulative effects of my past injuries. In addition to great chiropractic care, she provided great input into further steps I could take to support my healing process. Under her care I was able to move beyond "the latest pain". Despite the crazy demands I have put on my body, I still hope to be 80 years old and climbing mountains and swimming in the ocean and maybe doing back flips on occasion. Under Dr.Kristie's care I always felt support and respect for my ambition to keep healing. She was direct in her professional opinions about what would and would not be good for me. I am happy for her being back on the west coast. However, she is much missed in Atlanta."


"My first experience with Dr.Kristie Fong was an eye opener. I am a competitive grappler (Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) so my body is consistently pushed to the limit and chronically sore. I have had some shoulder injuries in the past and thought that they were all but healed. Dr. Fong put me through a series of examinations to test the strength of my shoulders, and the results were not great. I have always felt that my upper body is far weaker than my opponents, but after 10 minutes of working with Kristie my shoulders felt better, and upon retesting them were much stronger! I recomend Dr. Kristie Fong because she knows her stuff and her techniques give fast and effective results."


"I had injured my left shoulder doing Jiu-Jitsu a year before I met Dr. Kristie. After explaining my injury and about 10 minutes of adjustments, my arm and shoulder strength increased, range of motion improved, and pain level decreased considerably- after one treatment!

"By the time I met Dr. Kristie, I had previously been treated by an orthopedic doctor, physical therapist, and a couple of chiropractors. They all helped relieve the pain and discomfort; however, the relief was never permanent. After a few days, I would be in pain again. It was not until I met Dr. Kristie that I began to truly heal. Under her care, my arm and shoulder strength has improved, the range of motion is pain free, and what is most important to me: the changes have been permanent with continuous improvement.

"I am so grateful for finding Dr. Kristie and for how much she has helped me with my injuries. I will always refer to her friends, family, and anyone who needs help healing."

Bob R.

"I am very happy to recommend Dr. Kristie Fong as an outstanding Chiropractor. I visited her for several sessions following an auto accident. Dr. Fong is highly intelligent, compassionate and skillfull. She is amazing in her ability to diagnosis and treat physical problems and aches. Her methods and procedures are much more gentle , and i think safer, compared to the standard manipulations of most chiropractors, yet highly effective. i always felt safe and relaxed when she was working on me. I would be happy to return to her for treatment if i have any need to in the future. In the past I have visited various other chiropractors and have generally not been completely satisfied. However, Dr. Fong is very exceptional and I would give her the highest rating on any scale of ratings.

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